Gender Studies Qualifications

Qualifications offered: BA Hons (128C), BSocSc Hons (128C), MA (192C), MSocSc (192C), PhD (384C)

The postgraduate Honours/Masters programme in Gender Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to current debates on gender. It is a complex field to which many different discourses contribute: feminism, men?s studies, queer studies. All focus on how gender is theorised as a concept, how it operates in the lives of individuals; and how it functions as a social practice via institutional and cultural technologies. A number of interesting and relevant themes inform training in Gender Studies. Honours/Masters students whose home Programme is Gender Studies are required to complete two compulsory modules: Gender, Politics and Theory (Semester 1) and Genders, Sexualities, Cultures & Histories (Semester 1), and two electives in semester 2 (listed below). Students may also, in consultation with the Academic Co-ordinator, register for modules in cognate programmes. In cases where PhD students have no prior training in Gender Studies, such students will be required to complete Gender, Politics and Theory before proceeding to the proposal stage of the degree.

Note: Masters level assessment requires more in-depth and comprehensive analysis of issues, a critical reflection paper and a more substantial research component.


Core Modules

GEST701H1 / GEST801H1 Gender, Politics and Theory (32C)

GEST706H1 / GEST806H1 Gender, Sexualities, Cultures and Histories (32C)


GEST702H2 / GEST802H2 Gender, Education and School Violence (32C)

GEST703H2 / GEST803H2 Gender and Health: Core Debates in Context (32C)

GEST704H2 / GEST804H2 Gender and Language (32C)

GEST705H2 / GEST805H2 Gender and Media (32C)



GEST8RAHC Research Article: Gender Studies (48C)

GEST8SDH2 Short Dissertation: Gender Studies (96C)

GEST8MDHB Dissertation: Gender Studies (192C)


GEST9DOHB Doctoral Thesis: Gender Studies (384C)

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